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Dogecoin, the tongue-in-cheek, meme-based cryptocurrency that’s exploded into the limelight this year, has again found support from Tesla TSLA billionaire Elon Musk. The rise of DogeCoin community led to real-world use-cases. Therefore, we are proudly presenting you the Game of Doge $GoDoge, a decentralized cross-chain NFT and Defi platform​ based on DogeCoin and Game of Thrones.

$GoDoge Utility
The Game of doge $GoDoge ecosystem will be powered by Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) $GoDoge utility token. GoDoge is deflationary token and the tokens are burnt quarterly. Owning the token will give users access to exclusive benefits and utility:

  • Access to VIP NFTs
  • Reduced fee for swapping and high yield for staking
  • Governance vote rights on new features and integrations
  • Quarterly token burns
  • Be community driven, with potential economic incentives for users to participate.
  • Run completely decentralized, eliminating any reliance on a central party.

$GoDoge Contract Features

  • 1% of transaction fees will be burned (sent to dead address). Many of the famous crypto projects just mention it, they won’t do it. Burn transactions will be visible on blockchain!
  • 2% of tax fees will be distributed to token holders. Meaning your balance will increase while you holding tokens. What else one would ask for? Indirect staking built for hodlers.
  • 2% of fees will be added to liquidity. this mechanism is to ensure that $GoDoge will never be rug pulled. Liquidity is locked forever so that no one can move it, not even $GoDoge team.
  • $GoDoge token discourage bots. There will be 0.1% transaction limit at launch so that bots can’t buy tokens at lower price. Fair chance for everyone to participate in $GoDoge project
  • Our contract is developed in such a way that the token price will only pump!

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GoDoge Eco-system Features


NFTs creation and minting platform where artists, content-creators and folk from crypto community can showcase their NFT talent with minimal amount of effort. The Game of Doge team will also mint special NFTs, which will be tradable in open market.


Swap & Staking

Eco-system will allow users to instantly swap GoDoge into another meme token and BEP20 tokens.
Stake your $GoDoge to earn $GoDoge with a high yield. Staking will also give you chance to earn limited NFTs, which can be tradable in the open market

Deflationary Token

$GoDoge is built by nature deflationary. 50% tokens will be burnt at the Token generation event (TGE) and tokens will be burnt every quarter. Additionally, we have added anti-rugpull mechanism by introducing automatic liquidity addition into Pancakeswap for every buy and sell GoDoge trade, it will ensure an ever-increasing price floor of GoDoge, and the price will never go to zero. Buy and Hold GoDoge till Moon and beyond!


We will mint rare NFTs in memory of Dogs who did incredible heroic acts in history. Money earns by selling these NFTs will be donated to the dog shelter non-profit organizations, for instance, Hope For Paws, Animal Aid Unlimited, and many more.

Multi Platform

Cross-chain platform: initially GoDoge will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and later on Ethereum, Solana and Kusama/PolkaDot.


Symbol $GoDoge
Total supply 200,000,000,000
Initial circulating supply TBA
Platform Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Precision 9 Decimals

How to buy $GoDoge

Buy GoDoge on PancakeSwap

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Buy GoDoge on Uniswap

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GoDoge Roadmap

Beware of Telegram, Online and Twitter groups trying to impersonate Game of Doge ($GoDoge). Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups. Follow the information from our official channels and ignore any messages you receive privately. NO ONE from the team will contact you privately about Game of Doge ($GoDoge).

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